The Event

The Concept

According to international economic indices, analysis, facts and figures; Nigeria remains the most attractive investment haven for non-oil industry in Africa. The country is endowed with numerous natural resources, massive land mass, large population of over 160 million people, and diverse human capacity, making Nigeria the largest ‘ready’ market for any potential investor looking towards Africa.

In recent time, the Nigerian government has taken proactive steps by introducing innovative economic policies to further diversify the economy and at the same time simplify the processes for investing in Nigeria through an inspiring economic plan: ‘The Economy Recovery and Growth Plan’ (ERGP), and Ease of Doing Business.

It is along this line that Nigeria seeks enhanced bilateral economic cooperation and collaboration, between Nigeria and Italy for mutual economic growth and development of both countries.

Against this background, the Nigerian embassy, Rome is organizing a Business and Investment Forum in Rome, Themed: Expanding Investment & Trade between Nigeria & Italy, to highlight trade and investment opportunities in Nigeria and Italy for mutual advantage.

The forum will act as a platform for both private and public sectors from both countries to exchange ideas, network, conclude business ventures, and review bilateral economic relations.

This event is a collaborative effort by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Rome, Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO Italy), and National Union of Nigerian Associations in Italy.

The highlight of the forum will include presentations, panel discussions, B2B meeting, break-out sessions, exhibitions, company visits and sight-seeing.

Objectives of the Event

  • To highlight and facilitate investment and business opportunities in Nigeria and Italy.
  • Provide Platform for business leaders and policy makers from both countries to share ideas, discuss, and build consensus on Trade and Investment.
  • Provide a unique opportunity to attract Nigerians in Italy and Europe to invest in various sectors of Nigerian Economy.
  • Highlight incentives available in both countries; including funding opportunities and risk managements, SMES, etc for purpose of increasing FDI into Nigeria.
  • Provide the opportunity for Nigerian and Italian businesses to create effective partnership and collaboration.
  • To gain knowledge on the thoughts, challenges and aspirations of Italian/European business regarding the Nigerian market.
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